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Do I Feel Familiar?

a H/W post-Wilson's Heart RPG

Do I Feel Familiar: A House/Wilson RPG
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Do I Feel Familiar?
a h/w post-Wilson's Heart rpg

Amber: What did we do last night?

House: Was I meeting you for a drink?

Amber: Is that all it was? A man thinks a woman is beautiful, admires her intelligence, admires the way she has to get whatever she wants, the things he likes about himself. Maybe she always had a little thing for him. His mind. His blue eyes. But someone gets between them. So, they decide to meet one night at an out-of-the-way little bar. Does that sound familiar? Do I feel familiar?

game info

It's been just over two months since Amber died.

It's been a long, lonely, silent two months of grief for Wilson, and a long, lonely, silent two months of guilt for House. Wilson stays away because how can he forgive his best friend for being responsible for Amber's death? House stays away because how can he possibly put right all the things that have gone horribly wrong?

Eventually, they speak. Eventually. And eventually, they slowly begin to rebuild. But nothing is the same between them anymore. Not just because of Amber, but because of them. Because the way they rebuild happens in a way neither of them expect. And Amber's ghost lingers between them every step of the way.

A House/Wilson post-Wilson's Heart RPG. Est. 2008-12-09.


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No copyright infringement is intended. House & Wilson are property of David Shore and FOX.

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